2020 Phage Genome and Metagenomics Conference

SDSU is proud to host the 2020 phage genome and metagenomics conference from May 19th to 22nd, 2020.

This transformative conference will bring together experts in phage genomes and metagenomes to discuss the latest advances in genome annotations and annotations.

Phages are back in the news, and there are lots of great conferences about phage biology including the Keystone Symposium on Global Virome in Health Disease, the International Viruses of Microbes Meeting, and more.

So why do we need another conference? This is specifically geared towards the bioinformaticians and practitioners who are the world experts on phage genome annotation and are working day-to-day on improving and enhancing those annotations.

The conference will be fast-paced, and cutting-edge.

Confirmed Speakers

Katelyn McNair, developer of phannotate, phispy, phacts, and many other phage related tools

Ramy Aziz, Chair of Microbiology, University of Cairo, Egypt, and leader of phage therapy research


Registration is required to attend the meeting.

There is no registration fee required to attend this conference, and there will be no financial support for attending this conference. You are responsible for all costs (travel, food, housing, etc etc) associated with attending this conference

Please contact Professor Robert Edwards for more information about this conference and an up to date speaker schedule.

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