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Git change remote from https to ssh

Here’s how to change your remote from https to ssh.

Start by checking your current remote:

git remote -v

and this will list your remotes for both push and fetch.

To set a remote, you can use

git remote set-url origin

and then use remote again to confirm:

git remote -v

now your git pull and git push will work as you expect!

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Checking out a remote git branch

If you are working on git, sometimes you create a branch on one machine, and then want to get that on your remote machine.

Step 1. Create a branch on the remote machine called rob

git checkout -b rob

Do some work, make some changes, commit some code.

Now I am working on a remote machine in the same repo, but I want my rob branch. Easy!

Git fetch just makes sure we are upto date.

Git branch -v -a lists all remote branches, and provides more information about each. You should see the branch listed as remotes/origin/rob but you don’t need the remotes/origin part.

Git switch allows you to move into the existing remote branch

git fetch
git branch -v -a
git switch rob