Daniel Cuevas


Location: GMCS 429

Phone: +1 619 594-3137

Email: dcuevas08@gmail.com

Daniel’s lab blog

About Me

I am a graduate student in the Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics department at San Diego State University. I have been working at Edwards Lab since June 2009 but have lived in the beautiful city of San Diego all my life. During my free time I enjoy sitting out in the sun, hanging out at the beach, playing sports, and reading up on new and awesome technologies on the web.


Industry Experience
  • Life Technologies – Ion Torrent R&D — Software Engineer / Bioinformatics


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. San Diego State University.



SEED web services (for Java)

  • The SEED holds many publicly available genome DNA sequences which are annotated based on subsystems and protein functions. It also provides web services to those who are willing to develop applications based on the SEED API. By supplying many methods to obtain these microbial annotations, developers can use, manipulate, and create third party applications to aid their scientific research. My assignment involved learning to use and access the SEED API using the Java programming language. Through this I have written different examples to perform specific functions with the SEED database.



  • OpenSocial Metagenomics (RTMg.os), is an OpenSocial-based application that is part of the RTMg suite of applications. RTMg.os allows the users of social networking sites to share their bioinformatic data and analysis with colleagues and friends. The application stores and retrieves metagenome-annotated data on a server. This allows the user to notify and update their friends about any new annotations that have been acquired, and then display the contents of their data in a tabular format. RTMg.os represents an entirely new way for scientists to collaborate on their data. For information on the entire RTMg project, go here.


Rapid Sequence Searching Using A Hashing Technique

  • By implementing a modified data structure to quickly and precisely discover exact nucleotide similarities between several sequenced metagenomes, specific DNA sequences can be analyzed and traced within different environmental regions.



Oral presentations:

  • San Diego State University Student Research Symposium (SDSU SRS), San Diego, CA, 2010
  • San Diego State University Student Research Symposium (SDSU SRS), San Diego, CA, 2011

Poster presentations:

  • General meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), San Diego, CA, 2010
  • San Diego Microbiology Group (SDMG) All-day meeting, San Diego, CA, 2010
  • Applied Computational Science and Engineering Student Support (ACSESS), San Diego, CA, 2010