fastq-pair data sets

We recently released our new fastq-pair code that allows you to synchronize fastq files that are out of order.  Here are some more data sets that you can use to test out fastq-pair.

These data sets are straight from the sequence read archive. If you are interested in getting more data, you here is a description of how to download more data and a list of metagenomes to search through.

Left sequence fileRight sequence file
ERR1018277_pass_1.fastq [2.6 GB]ERR1018277_pass_2.fastq [1.7 GB]
ERR1136747_pass_1.fastq.gz [1.1 GB]ERR1136747_pass_2.fastq.gz [843 MB]
ERR1137199_pass_1.fastq.gz [505 MB]ERR1137199_pass_2.fastq.gz [513 MB]

These should give you the following results:


Left paired: 19,098,512 Right paired: 19,098,512
Left single: 11,236,994 Right single: 0


Left paired: 10,366,657 Right paired: 10,366,657
Left single: 4,323,173 Right single: 0


Left paired: 6,595,356 Right paired: 6,595,356
Left single: 0 Right single: 0