GenomeSearch Demo Online!

I’ve uploaded a sneak peek of GenomeSearch in case anybody would like a look at the work we’re doing. To install it, first download it here, or use the QR code behind the read more cut (not working just yet, there are some issues with the .apk not being signed or something which prevent direct-to-phone installs), then follow the instructions here.What worked for me were the steps in the “How to Non-Market .Apk Application on Google Android G1 Phone” section. I connected my Ion to the Ubuntu PC I use in the lab via USB, typed adb install GenomeSearch.apk in a terminal window (from the correct directory), and it “just worked”. Note that I already have the SDK installed on this machine, had enabled applications from unknown sources, and that my Ion did not automatically mount itself as a USB storage device. Your mileage may vary on how much of that you already took care of for yourself!

A few words of warning for this version, beceause it is very alpha; if your internet connection is bad/nonexistant when you first launch the app, you will get a JSONParse error and the app won’t work (ever… I think). This is obviously a major cause for concern and a top priority for us at the moment. Assuming you have a decent connection and perform a valid search, there isn’t anything else that we know that will break the app. By all means though, when you find one, shoot Daniel or myself an email!