GenomeSearch v1 (Kind of…)

Today I successfully ran what I would call something like an alpha v1 of GenomeSearch. It works on a real Android phone, connects to the internet, loads genome data, performs the search, launches the web browser app when you click links, etc. I haven’t created a program package for it to run stand-alone yet (i.e. without being initially installed and launched by Eclipse on a PC that the Android is USB-connected to), but this is a possibility in the near future.

Two things that Daniel and I want to change with the current version of the app are the lack of a prompt above the box where a user is supposed to enter a genome (as this is very confusing to those who didn’t actually write the app), and the fact that the onscreen keyboard doesn’t minimize when the user performs a search (which blocks search results). At present, the user can hit the ‘back’ button to minimize the onscreen keyboard and free up more screen real-estate for results, but this is obviously not desirable. Clearly, the back button is calling some method to minimize the keyboard when the user presses it, and once we figure out what that method is, we can fix this UI clunkiness.