I’ll take one dozen, please.

Well folks, Donut is here! (Donut is the codename for the Android 1.6 SDK)

I’m excited, and you should be too! Not only does Donut add support for multiple screen resolutions (something I’d been raising eyebrows over ever since I saw the Motorola Sholes specs leaked), but it also supports CDMA as well as GSM! The Donut release comes just in time for the Android hardware releases across all major US phone carriers.

The quick search bar is looking pretty slick as well; developers can now expose certain pieces of data as searchables. The text-to-speech / translation software cocktail looks to be really sweet for communicating with someone in a pinch while travelling. I knew it was only a matter of time before google strapped an auto-translator to our heads… this looks to be a step in that direction.

Check out the video for a more detailed version of the above summary!