Lab Responsibilities

There are many people responsible for making the lab run smoothly. These are the key people for these tasks. However, if you notice something that needs fixing, you should fix it and not wait for someone else. Remember to clean up after yourself!

  1. Printer and office supplies. Sajia
  2. Posters in the hall. RobS
  3. Food area, fridge, and buying soda. Cristiane+Daniel
  4. Organizing lab meeting. Cristiane
  5. Organizing journal club. Pedro
  6. Organizing social odds. Blaire
  7. Organizing lab clean up. RobS
  8. Machine/Website/Mailing list accounts. RobE

We also need to work on the lab website. This is everyones responsibility, too. These people are responsible for arranging the sections, but you should provide the content for them.

  1. Front Page. Daniel
  2. Research and Projects. Sandi+HQ
  3. Lab members. Geni+Haydee
  4. Software. Jeff
  5. Publications
    1. All publications. Sajia
    2. White papers. Sajia
    3. Talks. Jeremy
    4. Posters. RobS
  6. Photos. Kate
  7. Intranet
    1. Lab responsibilities. RobS
    2. Hardware and Software in the lab. RobE+Blaire
  8. Lab Blog and User Accounts. Geni