Menu Tooltips

Lab collaboration hath finally paid off!


We’ve now put together the necessary set of functionality on the server side
to give you the tooltip strings and the menu items they are associated with. 
As soon as I get straight from Peter exactly how to send you this large piece of data,
it will all be in place. 

We added a new command that the client is to send the server:


When you send the server this message, you’ll be getting back a message


and in a format we need to specify exactly but that is functionally equivalent
to something like:

((1509 “Creates a labeled sequence, given a sequence and a label”) (1219 “Provides simple name of entity.”)
(929 “Reads text file in FastA format”) (639 “Returns nucleotide sequence right of given gene.”)
(349 “Formats a nucleotide or amino acid sequence (or any text)”)