Beez template vote-off?

So: I’m working on the design and content for, which is apparently what a lot of you guys are going to be using for Phage-related work. In the interest of making the page “have cool stuff” and “look cool” and generally “be cool, and stuff.” I’m putting it to the vote: what do you want to look like? Read more for details and stuff!


What I’m going to do is I’m going to post screenshots of what the site looks like in all of the different currently installed templates. If they layouts look weird or seem squished, ignore that. I can fix that, not all template resolutions and parameters are the same, and i’m basically just saying “switch template” without changing anything else. This is aesthetics ONLY. If none of these please you, or you want something LIKE it but not exactly what’s listed, that’s cool too. Let me know. What I’d like you guys to do is write a comment to this telling me which one you prefer, or if none, what you WOULD prefer.

Beez: Beez

Empire: Empire

Lunar Eclipse: Lunar_Eclipse

Milky Way: Milky_Way

Optimus: Optimus

Purity: Purity