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Saving your data on PMDS

The holidays are over and now it’s time to progress! So, with that in mind I dedicated my work yesterday to understand how to apply persistent data in OpenSocial apps. Previously, I spent some time searching how to store data into the reserved space orkut sets aside for individual apps in order to allow users to store and retrieve data. I found a few methods that I thought I should attempt to implement into my app PMDS (Personal Metagenome Data Storage). In doing so I ran into a few very confusing problems, but nonetheless I found solutions and PMDS can now save data into the app itself. With this new understanding we have opened up the possibilities of displaying, sharing, storing, and updating information and data with ease. Now the implementation isn’t exactly how I want it to be; right now it only saves the titles of the objects that are stored in our server and then displays them in a list, but what’s important is that we can do whatever we want with whatever data we want to save. If you’re interested in the JavaScript code I have for the app, click here or the Read More.


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