The new face of RTMg

Many in the lab are probably already aware of this, but I realized that a lot of it happened quietly and informally in conversations between Rob, Daniel, and myself.

Given the push towards releasing information to the public about RTMg, OS Metagenomics, and Mobile Metagenomics, we sat down to talk about a few things. First, we wanted a cohesive name for all the junk I just typed. We settled on keeping the RTMg name, but branching it out to be an umbrella for all three services as follows:

  • RTMg -> RTMg.web
  • MM -> RTMg.mob
  • OS M -> RTMg.os

Furthermore, given that Daniel and Rob were contacted by a magazine editor to do a small press release about the project, we wanted to have a nice pretty place for people to check out the RTMg applications suite, and check for updates. In a flurry of activity, I have created such a place.

RTMg now lives here!

If you have any suggestions as to things I should add to the site, let me know. I’ll do my best to add them!

(a big thanks goes out to the creators of the website template I used – Arcsin. Check them out if you ever need free website templates!)