update: eeepc ubuntu display issues

Hazzah! Display hook up and disconnect now works without hiccup, Compiz Fusion was indeed the culprit. Lots of ways to go about fixing it, some folks had command-line methods in the forums, but often those would require either running the command yourself each startup (or at least each startup when you’re planning on using an external display), or automating that code to run each boot. My method seems a bit easier, I just went into the package manager (System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager) and searched Compiz, and marked all parts for complete removal. Metacity is probably already installed, so it will take over for Compiz as soon as the removal takes place, but while you’re in package manager, double check to be sure you have Metacity already installed, and if not, go grab it. I’m sure there are other alternatives, both in methodology and in which display driver you replace compiz with, but this fix worked for me!