Uploading Files from Android (progress update)

After I left the lab last night I realized I haven’t posted as to my activities in a while…

Basically, I’ve spent the past week+ researching various methods of achieving this task. I’ve looked into using CGI, JSP, and PHP for the server-side of the code. I had to scrap my CGI/JSP attempts as I couldn’t find any client side / server side code that meshed well (or tutorials to help me figure it out). I’ve been looking into a thread on using PHP, and it seems a lot more promising. I hope to have some results to show for all of this effort soon.

As a neat little side project (for when I need to take little breaks away from this upload thing), I’ve been working on that pseudo-tethering thing you can do with gphones and netbooks. I think it’d be useful for those of us with gphones to be able to (ab)use our 3G to get internet on our laptops where there isn’t any wifi. My last attempt at getting it to run crashed and burned though, so I’m going to go back to that one some other time.