Weekend update!

I spent some time this weekend working on GenomeSearch and doing things to my EEEPC, so I could round out my hours for the week (stupid jury duty…).

GenomeSearch update: I tweaked some methods a little bit, and coded the actual search behavior of the app. It isn’t working just right quite yet, but I’ve narrowed down where the problem is. It seems like after I build my hash of the results, I’m not pulling the data out of it correctly. This is likely what I’ll work on tomorrow.

As for the EEEPC, I like the look of the EEEbuntu that Nick gave me. I’m hoping it’ll run my development environment better, because the WinXP was really sluggish on the Android emulator. I managed to delete my taskbar on my last install, so I’m setting up a fresh install now. I’ll write another post sometime with some EEEPC/EEEbuntu gotchas, incase anybody else wants to do this install!