White Belt in Droid-Fu

I have mastered the first steps of Droid-Fu! Mobile Metagenomics will now blissfully continue working if a user hits the home key and does something else for a while before returning to see their results. There is a bit of awkwardness involved in testing this, because it only works correctly after I do a complete build of the .apk file and manually install to the emulator via command line. (Essentially what that means is I have to pretend I’m doing a code release each time I test a change…) Things that still need work/could be added include:

  1. OTUs mode – currently doesn’t do anything. (Edited) Done!
  2. Loading from Server – currently not implemented. (Edited) Done!
  3. Notification Bar Message on results complete – not implemented, not looked into yet. Difficulty: Unkown (probably Medium)
  4. Indeterminate progress indicator in title bar during downloads 2..n – not implemented, totally optional. (Edited) Not possible from what I can determine. It seems to be either-or with this and the progress bar. Though I could’ve sworn I used to have both…

From there it is just a matter of documentation, code cleanup, youtube videos, and publishing.