Add Users and Make their Blog Pages

Step 1: Get administrator status within the system, specifically access to the User Manager.

Step 2: Log in to the administrator backend.

Step 3: Go to the user manager, click New. Add in all the relevant information: full name, username, email address, password. Give them the status required to do what they need to, usually Registered or Author. Hit save, not apply.

Step 4: Go to the category manager. Make a new category attached to the lab blog section. Pretty simple. “Joe’s lab blog”, etc. Sort it alphabetically if you want. I did, just for ease of looking through to make sure everyone has a blog page that needs one.

Step 5: Go to Lab Blogs inside the Menus dropdown menu. Add a new one, a Category Blog Layout, and select your category from the menu on the right hand side. Apply then save. Make sure to sort the menu alphabetically. This is what users will see on the right hand side when browsing lab blogs, so this is not an option!

Step 6: Done.