Replace the printer cartridge

At some point, the lab printer will run out of toner and the cartridge has to be replaced. New printer cartrigdes can be found in the mail room in 411. If you don’t have a key for 411, ask someone who has a key to help you. If there is no printer cartridge for the model you need, ask Brenda in the office to order a new one (tell her the Q-number from below). Ordering a new cartrigde takes 2-3 days. (In case Brenda asks, tell her that Amy will take care of the payment.)
Current lab printer: HP 2420
Printer cartridge: 11A (Q6511A)
Some last notes for cartridge recycling. The old cartridge should be packed into the box of the new cartridge. Put the provided return sticker on top when you are done (or go to to print a free return shipping label). The easiest way to get the box shipped back to HP is to leave it in the outgoing mailbox in 411 (in the room with the table, after the second door). That’s all.