Introducing Mobile Metagenomics!

Mobile Metagenomics is the name of my latest project. What I am trying to achieve with this Android application is a mobile implementation of Rob’s Real Time Metagenomics webpage. I envision several development phases for this application, but the first stage will likely play out as follows:

1. Create a suitable UI (striking some type of balance between preserving look&feel from the website, and Android-ifying things)

2. Generate a request that the CGI online will recognize

3. Receive the results and organize them in some manner

These three tasks represent a bare-bones version of the application, but there are quite a few things that should also be added. I would eventually like to add: A file browser feature, connection type detection & large file warning, poor connection detection & retry popup, efficient results display, perhaps display of results as they are downloaded to take full advantage of the ‘real-time’ aspect of Rob’s website.