MM Preview Release

I’ve created a preview release of MM in case Rob or anyone else needs/wants to show off the app to anyone. You can download it via directly typing in the download link, by doing an “adb install mobilemetagenomics.apk” if you have the sdk set up on your PC, or you can just use the Barcode Scanner app to scan and download directly from the QR-code behind the read-more cut. As I stated, this is a preview version of the code so many things are incomplete. I’ll try to update the .apk when I make signifcant changes, so check back for the latest version!

NOTE: Daniel just pointed out to me that you need to have a fasta file in the root directory of your SD Card for MM to actually do anything. You can transfer the file most easily by connecting your phone to a computer via USB, mounting the phone as a removable storage device, and then clicking and dragging the file from your PC to your phone. I’m unsure of where files are placed when a phone directly downloads a file, so the safest bet is to use the USB method.

Update (7/24/09): As far as I’m able to test (bioseed went down just before I could try it on a real phone), I have the dialog and the .txt and .mmr outputs both working! I’m pretty excited to finally have this section of the app coded; I actually agonized over the newlines for quite a while before realizing it was just Notepad displaying my results wrong… The .txt outputs display just fine in Wordpad and should also work for Mac and Linux (though linux may have those pesky ^M characters after each line). Unfortunately the java environment variables don’t help us in Android to determine what type of newlines the user will want when they email their file. I had to write the code with /r/n both in, because the file could be emailed to any operating system.