More cool MM

Today I completed my trio of menu buttons for MM! That’s right folks, we have a Share Button!

If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited about that. Not only because it took half a workday to do, but also because (in my opinion) it is a really cool feature. One of the things that most impressed me about my Ion when I first got it was that when browsing my pictures, there was a button with a pop up that asked what I wanted to do with it. In terms of MM, about the only reasonable thing I can think of to do with a .MMR output is to email it. So for now, that is what our share button does.

Another issue is that, as of right now, a .MMR is just a Serializable Array recorded to a file. It isn’t exactly very reader-friendly. This works fine if all we want to do is shoot a file across email to another android phone for viewing in their MM app, but we may want to look into more options in the future. The notion of sending an MMR across bluetooth to another phone is also interesting, but that would require a fair bit of digging to accomplish (and may not even be allowed, I’m not sure). Either way, I’m very happy to have accomplished the rough outline of what we want our menu buttons to do. At this point, adding more functionality will be pretty easy to do. Now if I could just add those nifty icons to my buttons…