So far with Genome Search…

So I’m going to go ahead and write what I’ve been working on today so far. Not sure if this is exactly what the lab-blog is for but here it goes:

Finally it seems as though the SVN problem has been fixed. The previous problem was that I did not know how to import the project into eclipse but I figured out two ways to do so. Also, I was receiving a sort of “classfile missing” and “path files were not found” type of error but I just did a few simple actions which fixed it. I will post a separate blog describing these.

Other than that, I have been researching different methods to add the list of names to the spinner-drop-down-menu. One method that I’m set on that might work is using the ArrayAdapter constructor instead of the createFromResource method to fill in the spinner. I successfully displayed arbitrary Strings to display on it using the constructor and now I’m attempting to parse the String from the genomes website into an array and then putting only the names into a String array. That is where I am stuck. It seems as though the myString variable that’s supposed to be holding the content from the genomes website is either not parsing correctly or the content isn’t being stored in myString variable correctly. I’m planning on continuing this tomorrow so Josh and I could figure this out.