Add SVN project to Eclipse

So far Josh and I have discovered how to copy and save a project from the SVN repository into our own machine. We found two ways of doing so (I find the second method much faster):

1) Go to the Java Perspective and right-click in the Package Explorer. Click Import…, then in the Import screen click on the SVN folder and click on Checkout Projects from SVN. Click Next and then choose the correct repository location. Click Next and choose the folder containing the project and click Next (if you wish to change the project name, workspace, or other revisions) or you can click Finish. This will import the project and its contents into your machine.

2) Go to the SVN Repositories Perspective and right-click on the folder containing the project and choose Checkout…. This will bring you to the screen where you can edit the Project Name and workspace location. Afterwards, click Finish and your project will be imported into your machine.


The other problem I was having was after I would import the project into Eclipse is that I would get these errors showing on my Console tab. The error would say something about “Classfiles missing” and under my Problems tab an error saying “Path files not found” would also show. I resolved the issue by simply clicking on Project at the top of the screen and then choose Clean… So far it has been successful but I am looking for any other consequences this may have caused.