IRA Funds for student travel to professional meetings

The College of Sciences receives Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) funds to help support student travel to professional meetings to present the results of their research. In order, to apply for IRA funds, the student must be enrolled in a College of Sciences undergraduate or graduate program. The following are guidelines for requesting travel funds:
1. The student must be presenting a paper or poster at a national or regional professional meeting. Only one student per paper or poster is permitted to request funding.

2. The student must submit the application to DeCola Groce in the Assistant Dean’s Office (GMCS-321) or by fax to 619-594-3590. Applications will be considered two times during the academic year, the deadlines are as follows: November 1 is the deadline for Fall semester travel and April 1 is the deadline forSpring semester travel. Applications must include:
I. Forms (available in GMCS-321 and attached to e-mail):

b. IRA Application

c. Payment Data Record (PDR)

d. Release of Liability

II. Professional Meeting Registration Documents:

b. Copy of Acceptance Letter

c. Copy of Abstract

d. Registration Receipt

III. Transportation

b. Copy of airfare receipt


c. Copy of driving directions to Professional Meeting that include round trip mileage .

3. Funding will be activated after application deadline. The amount of the awards will vary depending on how many students apply and how much funding is available during the period in which the student applies. In the past the awards have ranged from $50-$150 for in-state travel, $200-$350 for out-of-state travel and $400-500 for international travel.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

DeCola Groce
San Diego State University
College of Sciences
Assistant Dean’s Office, GMCS 321